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What We Do

Secure Private Networks for IoT / LPWAN

Modular Chip design
Modular Design &
Development of end nodes
  1. Remote Monitoring
  2. Remote Management &
    Continuous Monitoring
  1. Advanced Analytics
  2. Collective Intelligence &
    Advanced Analytics
  1. Embedded security solutions
  2. Embedded Software &
    Firmware Development
  1. Network and server applications
  2. Network Server &
    Application Server
  1. Multi sensor Integration
  2. Multi-Sensor
  1. Security - Multilayer
  2. Multi-layered Security
  1. Wireless networks capacity deployment
  2. Capacity Planning &

Cyber Security Services

  1. Custom Product
  1. Red Teaming
  1. Threat Intelligence
  1. Strategic

Professional Trainings

  1. Internet of Things
  1. Cyber Security
  1. Established a secure private network over LoRaWAN  with a coverage of 10,000 sq kms.

  2. Honored as one of the 25 most promising Cyber Security Consultants in India 2016 by Consultants Review Magazine.

  3. SIG (Special Interest Group) Member of NASSCOM on Cyber Security and a member of  Data Security Council of India (DSCI) and many more.

  4. Industry SPOC on multiple job roles for NASSCOM and State Universities.

  5. Trained more than 2500 professionals, scientists, state and central defence personnel, faculty and students alike.

Who we ARE
  1. Sesha Sai - Director - CyberEye
  2. Shesha sai

  3. Director, IoT Business
    IIIT Hyderabad
  1. Avinash - Director - CyberEye
  2. Avinash

  3. Director, Hardware Engineering
    Ex- Nvidia
    IIIT Hyderabad
  1. Tarun Krishna - Director - CyberEye
  2. Tarun

  3. Director, Software Engineering
    IIT Madras
  1. Rahul - Co-Founder & CTO - CyberEye
  2. Rahul

  3. Co-Founder & CTO
    IIIT Hyderabad
WHO we work with
Himachal Pradesh Police logo

CyberEye specializes in designing with Microchip products.

I really appreciate valuable input provided by CyberEye during workshop on Cyber Security held in PL Bilaspur. The inputs were really thought provoking & our staff learned a lot from the workshop.

Ashok Kumar (IPS)
Superintendent of Police, Bilaspur Dist., Bilaspur (H.P)
Training was wonderful. Talent available at CyberEye is much more than we expected. The trainers are highly educated in state-of-art tools and energetically answered every query. I don't remember even a single question unanswered.
I was really indulged with the way CyberEye executed and organised the workshop.The framework and design of the content especially for "LEVEL-1" should be given the top most credits. It was very eulogising at each and every session. Team Cybereye is going to have its greatest importance in the upliftment of security systems in India.
Makarandu Manda
Student, IIT Bombay
Very knowledge-oriented, enriching & wonderful sessions. Trainers responded enthusiastically and positively for queries. Thanks a lot for such nice knowledge enriching sessions. Hands-on experience was the most interesting part of the course.

The workshop helped me understand the basics of how hacking is done and the vast set of resources available for doing so, with live demonstration. As a citizen of India, I believe that by attending the workshop, I am empowered with the basics of how to secure my Cyberspace.

N Ravi Teja
Student, IIT Bombay
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