Secure Private Network

Secure Private Networks help organisations improve their operational efficiency, drive productivity, track asset performance & enable predictive maintenance in a security-first approach.

Why LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN offers multi-kilometre connectivity at astonishingly low power consumption rates. This breaks the constraints imposed by traditional networking technologies and thereby opens up a whole new range of applications in the IoT world.

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Low Power

Low Cost

Long Range

Multi-Layered Security

Millions of end-nodes

Easy to deploy


Our expertise in solving tough challenges and experience with deployments in extreme conditions, makes us the best team for all your network requirements.

Field proven and tested

Experience of deploying in harsh and extreme conditions

Easy to manage

Flexible Deployment Models

Robust, Multi-Layered Security

Low Cost & Highly Customisable

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Add LoRaWAN connectivity
to your IoT device

Our Modules provide seamless and reliable integration
of your IoT devices to LoRaWAN stack

  • Secure by design

  • Compliance to LoRaWAN specifications

  • Supports FUOTA (Firmware Updates Over The Air)

  • Designed for easier hardware integration

  • Extended support for deep coverage or longer range

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Network on Demand

Flexible models to lower the cost of ownership

Establish your network


  • Carrier-grade and rugged gateways for outdoor and urban environments

  • Micro indoor and outdoor gateways for industrial environments

  • Portable mini gateway

Network Server

Get started with our LoRaWAN network server in minutes

  • Flexible and Scalable deployment models
    - SaaS
    - On your Cloud
    - On-premises
    - Hybrid

IoT Platform

  • Device Management

  • Data Visualization & Analytics

  • Collective Intelligence

End to End Secure Private Network establishment

Along with all the above, you will get:

  • Site survey

  • Capacity Planning

  • Network deployment

  • Integration with your current services

  • Support on SLA

Leverage the open LoRaWAN network - The Things Network

A well established network to connect with and bring endless possibilities to life.

Too good to be true?

Let's do a PoC / Pilot with your custom requirements.

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